May 9, 2011

Speaking Info

I occasionally speak & do workshops around a few specific topics: User Experience, Product Leadership, Strategy + Development.  If you have a conference coming up I’d be honored to participate if it’s a good fit, and the timing works well. After my little girl was born I haven’t been traveling as much, however say hey on twitter, or drop me a line so we can chat  :)

You can also view most of my slides on slideshare, and view a recent history of my talks below:

Title Date Conference
UX Design 12 week class 11/14 General Assembly
Mobile Metrics & Meyham 4/13 goto; ZURICH
Designing Happiness 4/13 goto; ZURICH
Art & Technology in your hands 3/13  The Black Book Conversations
Design Thinking & Prototyping 2/13 Startup Product Summit
Mobile Metrics & Meyham 11/12 Internet Summit
Designing for engagement 10/12 Digital Atlanta
Semantics LESS & Sarcasm 8/12 That Conference
Adapting to your users 6/12 Penn State Web
Being a UX team of one {Lightning Talk} 5/12 UX Lx
Panel: Designing for multiple Platforms 5/12 Digital Summit
Being a UX-er of one: Strength & weaknesses 5/12 WebDU
Semantics LESS & Sarcasm 3/12 HTML5 Meetup
Designing Happiness 3/12 AUXG Meetup