Speaking / Presentations

I occasionally speak at conferences about Product Development, User Experience, Web Development & Design & mobile app strategy.
If you have an event coming up, I’d be honored to participate if it’s a good fit… say hey on twitter, or drop me a line so we can chat  :)

*However, do note that I’m expecting my 1st born soon — so I’ll be unavailable for a bit

Title Date Conference Location
Mobile Metrics & Meyham 4/10-11/2013 goto; ZURICH Zurich, Switzerland
Designing Happiness 4/10-11/2013 goto; ZURICH Zurich, Switzerland
Art & Technology in your hands 3/19/2013  The Black Book Conversations Atlanta, GA
Design Thinking and Rapid Prototyping 2/7/2013 Startup Product Summit San Francisco, CA
Mobile Metrics & Meyham 11/6-8/2012 Internet Summit Raleigh, NC
Designing for engagement 10/8-12/2012 Digital Atlanta Atlanta, GA
Semantics LESS & Sarcasm 8/13-15/2012 That Conference Wisconsin Dells, WI
Adapting to your users 6/11 – 12/2012 Penn State Web 2012 University Park, Pennsylvania
Being a UX team of one {Lightning Talk} 5/16-18/2012 UX Lx '12 Lisbon, Portugal
Panel Moderation: Designing for multiple Platforms 5/9-10/2012 Digital Summit '12 Atlanta, GA
Being a UX team of one: Understanding your strength & weaknesses 5/3-4/2012 WebDU '12 Sydney, Australia
Semantics LESS & Sarcasm 3/15/2012 HTML5 Meetup Atlanta, GA
Designing Happiness 3/14/2012 AUXG Meetup Atlanta, GA