August 18
The Go-Getter: Book Review
Books, Business, Reviews

If this is you’re 1st time here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed or by email. Thanks for visiting! I believe whole heartily that […]

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January 19
idkTodo via labs

Fresh from the labs! In the tiny spare time that we have, we’ve decided to play around with an easy todo app. The idea came about because […]

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January 18
The myths of innovation – Book Review
Books, Business, Reviews

I believe that one of the many issues that plagues many aspiring innovators is actually believing in those varying and vast amounts of myths that proceeded them […]

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January 03
How to pick a co-founder

Whether or not you think you may want VC (venture capital) financing for your start-up or not, you should subscribe to VentureHacks feeds. They’re consistently supplying insightful […]

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December 21
Crush It! – Book Review
Books, Business

Although I didn’t really know who Gary Vaynerchuck was prior to reading his book Crush It!: Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion […]

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November 26
8 tips for your business web presence
Business, Presentations

I’ve put together a simple list of 8 tips that will help you and your online-business. If your currently deciding to refresh or you are at the […]

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September 08
Unity 3D killers?
Business, Development

So there’s plenty of hype being pushed around the interwebs of which engine or framework is best to help build the next best app/game for the iPhone. […]

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August 09
Feed Meh!! iPhone Game Release

Mr. Henneway loves going on various adventures, however he always forgets to pack his lunch. So along the way he asks his trustworthy friends to stop by […]

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