March 18
The Million Dollar Sketch
Business, Design

If this is you’re 1st time here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed or by email. Thanks for visiting! People who know me personally […]

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March 14 imminent revamp
Business, UI/UX

While working with Morehouse, we’re currently taking on the endeavor to completely revamp the web-presence. The entire front-end user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design […]

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February 22
Productizing Yourself

Productizing yourself View more presentations from vince baskerville Here is my slide deck for a presentation I gave recently to a group of sports journalists looking to […]

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January 08
Kassette Tape – a Theme
Design, Labs

I’m a huge fan of the Bowtie app. It’s a free application that allows you to control iTunes on both a mac & pc platform, in addition […]

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January 06
Benifets of a CMS (Content Management System)

Many people & companies are becoming increasingly more aware of the great benefits of having a strong Content Management System (CMS) solution behind their web presence; however, […]

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December 23
New Twitter Background Template

Here’s a twitter template with an example of my current (as of date) background as an example. Inside of the template I made guides that match up […]

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October 19
Dynamic Image Gallery
Development, Labs

This is a javascript gallery using the gallery.js & slimbox.js plugins for jquery. You simply add photos to a folder titled ‘gallery’, and the script will automatically […]

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September 08
Vimeo Gallery
Development, Labs

Here is our code from a revised .js example that pulls in videos, title and description from vimeo onto a gallery style page. Here is preview: […]

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