October 15
Cloud Out Loud Podcast via Engine Yard
Business, Design, Development, UI/UX

If this is you’re 1st time here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed or by email. Thanks for visiting![ Posted originally @ http://www.engineyard.com/podcast/s01e44-vince-baskerville ] […]

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October 12
Seriously… what the hell is this UX stuff?
Business, Design, UI/UX

User Experience probably isn’t what you think. Lets clear up some misconceptions. Having been a developer for many years, I wanted to evolve into something more.There was […]

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October 10
You are not Superman!

For those that aren’t completely familiar, Superman is a fictional character. He’s a humanoid alien that has amazing abilities and powers while he isn’t near pieces of […]

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October 08
Designing great UX via Appcelerator Titanium @ CodeStrong 2011
Design, Development, Presentations, UI/UX

Slidedeck: http://www.slideshare.net/vince.baskerville/uxd-codestrong Above is the video of my presentation and slidedeck for the Appcelerator CodeStrong event this year. This presentation will give an overview of some of […]

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October 05
Looking for A few good m.. eh.. people
Business, Design, Development, UI/UX

Here at TripLingo, things are booming and we are in need of some serious help. So, if you are looking to intern for an AWESOME startup — […]

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August 31
Designing our mobile experience
Design, Startups, UI/UX

[ Posted originally @ TripLingo.com/blog ] Application development is no small task. To do it well, companies typically start with a long and meticulous planning process for […]

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July 25
Do you have filthy, disgusting hands?

I do. Absolutely disgusting & filthy hands. As an entrepreneur we need to have cat-like reflexes, being able to pivot and make quick decisions with the most […]

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July 03
Give users what they need; not what they ask for
Business, Design, UI/UX

I <3 Data & you should too! Most companies, and people, still have a difficult time giving value to UX (User Experience). It is still a very […]

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