January 25
The Messy-but-Pretty-Art of UX Sketching
Design, UI/UX

If this is you’re 1st time here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed or by email. Thanks for visiting! Peiter Buick wrote a great […]

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January 16
Don’t be compelled by user data, be inspired.
Business, Startups, UI/UX

Many new and eager startup enthusiasts working to better a product and idea know that the key to success is understanding and finding that sweet spot for […]

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January 11
Eight startup UX tips
Business, Design, Startups, UI/UX

Wireframes, site maps, flow diagrams, mockups, etc are all traditional documents that many people expect to receive from UX-ers in quantity while usually maintaining a high quality […]

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January 09
24 top resources for User Experience geeks
Books, Design, Reviews, Startups, UI/UX

Here is a list of resources for Usability Specialists, Interaction Designers, Web Designers/Developers, Information Architects, Product Managers and really anyone else interested in User Experience field. I’m frequently asked […]

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January 02
Why is your Minimal Viable Product (MVP) really just a PoS?
Business, Design, Development, Startups, UI/UX

With all of the available buzzwords surrounding startup  enthusiasts, one of the top phrases is MVP: Minimal Viable Product. Although I do believe in the concept, it […]

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December 28
What Dexter teaches us about startups
Business, Startups

In the awesome TV show Dexter Harry Morgan, a Detective, adopts a son, Dexter, who later becomes a textbook psychopath in which Harry then decided to teach […]

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December 19
Reading re-cap
Books, Business, Reviews, Startups, UI/UX

From now on I’m going to start curating some of the top articles I’ve read throughout the week and post them here for you to read too if you haven’t already. […]

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December 12
Agile, UX and Startups — oh my!
Business, Design, Startups, UI/UX

Finding a User Experience Designer for your startup Being apart of a startup is an exhilarating experience. If you love challenges and pushing yourself and failing  you’ll love being […]

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