November 23
Mobile, Metrics & Mayhem
Business, Development, Presentations

Mobile analytics from vince baskerville Due to changes in my schedule, I unfortunately couldn’t stay for the entire conference, however I still enjoyed the few sessions I was able […]

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March 19
Semantics, LESS, and Sarcasm
Development, Presentations, Reviews, Startups

(no direct audio… feed is from camera) I recently gave a presentation on LESS at a local (Atlanta, GA) HTML5 meetup to ~120 or so people from […]

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February 23
Rethinking your Mobile First strategy
Business, Development, Startups, UI/UX

Exactly what is “mobile first”? It is a term and strategy that Luke Wroblewski coined which in a nutshell is about using the mobile web as a […]

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February 22
Build half a product
Business, Development, Startups

Regardless if you believe in the whole Lean Startup idea or not, I think it’s just great business advice for understanding that you should always build upon […]

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January 02
Why is your Minimal Viable Product (MVP) really just a PoS?
Business, Design, Development, Startups, UI/UX

With all of the available buzzwords surrounding startup  enthusiasts, one of the top phrases is MVP: Minimal Viable Product. Although I do believe in the concept, it […]

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October 15
Cloud Out Loud Podcast via Engine Yard
Business, Design, Development, UI/UX

[ Posted originally @ ] I was given the honor for being apart of the Cloud Out Loud podcast seriers from Engine Yard. For a bit […]

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October 08
Designing great UX via Appcelerator Titanium @ CodeStrong 2011
Design, Development, Presentations, UI/UX

Slidedeck: Above is the video of my presentation and slidedeck for the Appcelerator CodeStrong event this year. This presentation will give an overview of some of […]

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October 05
Looking for A few good m.. eh.. people
Business, Design, Development, UI/UX

Here at TripLingo, things are booming and we are in need of some serious help. So, if you are looking to intern for an AWESOME startup — […]

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