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Born in the arctic tundra that is New Britain, Connecticut on December 20th, 1983. Friends & family would now attest that I was born with the gift/curse of entrepreneurialism flowing through my veins; although in the inner cities the term is synonymous with being a hustler. I never sold drugs, however I was mischievous. In elementary school I would borrow-without permission candy from stores & sell them to other students, teachers & their families. Growing up, I have hundreds of stories like these all the way up to my high-school graduation, where I would sell borrowed clothes and partake in various other activities to make sure that I always had some pocket change. Although misguided, I had the passion & willingness to get things done in addition to having the cunning vision to attack a viable market while maintaing 100% profit.


My freshman year in high-school is when my parents brought home our first computer. It was an COMPAQ Intel Pentium 166 MHz, 64MB or RAM, no CD-ROM & a built-in dialup modem. INSTANT ADDICTION. I wanted to know how it worked, why it worked. What DOS was, what Linux was. I immediately began spending all my earned money toward computer books, & more books. I taught myself BASIC, Visual Basic, Python and C++. I remember even playing with the Dark Basic gaming engine!

Everything looked really promising, however with no real direction that promise was almost wasted. My family had a few scares with the police (plus a couple non-technology related ones too) after I was working with a few fellow hackers both local & national. Needless to say those days are behind me, but again although misguided, I learned countless valuable lessons which helped cultivate my knowledge of the industry.


After high-school I enlisted into the military. We had no means of financing my college tuition, and frankly my 1st year in the military proves I wasn’t ready. I travled, I went, and I conquered. Having been practically sheltered for 17 years & barley leaving my home state, and then literally traveling across the globe to Sasebo, Japan; it was an eye opener. I lived life.

“Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.”

- Ashley Smith


After my departure from the military I enrolled into a design school in Orlando, FL – Full Sail University. Enrolled in their 13th-month Digital Art & Design program & began hitting the pavement hard. A few years afterwards, I met a beautiful woman who is now my wife and soon realized I needed to broaden my expectations of my future-self. I then enrolled into University of Central Florida as a Finance major to help remove some of my ignorance regarding business dealings. A few years afterwards my wife, Bailey and I then moved to Atlanta, GA.

As of late, I’m currently spending almost all of my time working on Lithium Productsspeaking and trying to balance the startup lifestyle all while being married and planning for future children.


For over 10 years I have specialized in creating, developing and implementing highly intuitive and engaging digital-media products for both large and small group organizations. I’ve traveled to 12 countries, and many during my training in the military where I earned a Navy Achievement Medal and lead the implementation of a new Informational Technology architecture for the ship.

After the military, I have consulted and managed teams for many Fortune 500 clients like Disney, BB&T and Lockheed Martin regarding products for their online and broadcast mediums as well as working with the Army National Guard. In addition to my technical knowledge and creative ability, I bring a myriad of user interface, user experience and front-end developmental proficiency to the table.

Yes, I build Websites, mobile apps and many things digital, and what I’m known for is really enjoying it! However, as time goes on people evolve and I now have a passion for creating companies & businesses, versus just creating cool products or advertisements.

My prime aim is to maximize the potential of any company I’m affiliated with whether it started as my idea or not.  I’m only successful if what I produce is successful.

- Vince

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About Vince Baskerville
Product Manager at Lithium, a co-founder of 2 startups: TripLingo and Glancely.
A 10+ year industry specialist & adrenaline junkie whom has traveled to 12 countries, and is known for creating highly intuitive-engaging digital products. Continue reading »
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