Semantics, LESS, and Sarcasm

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I recently gave a presentation on LESS at a local (Atlanta, GA) HTML5 meetup to ~120 or so people from the area. Wesley Hales does an amazing job as the main Organizer of the group, and also has graciously recorded the event for others to watch later.

The Abstract

CSS is an amazing language that keeps evolving and incorporating more and more awesome features; however, utilizing LESS will extend CSS with dynamic behavior like variables, mixins, operations and functions thus adding even more *awesomeness* to this language and smoothing out your workflow. This presentation will take you through utilizing web frameworks like Bootstrap, Boilerplate in your development process and dig into some advanced CSS usage via LESS. In brief, I’ll show you why you should be using LESS in your current & future projects, an overview of it’s features, make you a pro and show you how to use it with other frameworks.

The Slidedeck

Download this deck, or view more of my other presentations.
Have you tried or use LESS in your workflow yet? What about SCSS? I personally prefer LESS over SCSS, however many obviously don’t — do you have a preference if you’re currently using one of these?

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