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Probably the toughest event on the planet

— or so says their tagline.
But nonetheless, it’s a f*cking tough event. It was cold (literally the two coldest days in Georgia so far), wet (watch the video below), long (we did it in about 3 hours) and did I mention how cold it was?

That picture of me on the left was during the grueling event called Tough Mudder! If you’re not sure or never heard of it, basically it’s an insane 10-12 mile (military style) obstacle course that was originally conceived by two guys from the British special forces. It does have a fail rate of about 35%; however, as a function that ranks itself as one of the toughest it may seem rather low. This is due to the fact that they really, really, really over emphasis comradery and teamwork rather than trying to complete the course as quick as possible.

Awesome team building

I found out about TM mid last year and sold some of the TripLingo team on actually participating. So yep, James, Jessie & Luke (<- he exists, he just doesn’t use twitter [weirdo]) are also bona fide bad-asses too! A few weeks ago we actually went through with it, and we all had our weak points during the 3 loooong hours, and thus we all had to rely on not only one another but other people there too.

Screw those wimpy weekend retreats where you have to fall backwards, and write your emotions on a whiteboard. If you really want to push your team building exercises to the next level, sign everyone up for a Tough Mudder event! There were literally hundreds of people there, and in all types of shapes and sizes. Some looked liked they haven’t even thought about a gym in decades while others trained all year for it — whatever the case, it’s all about getting it done. So if it takes you 8 hours, there will be people there helping and supporting you all the way! Just go for it!

Official Georgia Tough Mudder video

No matter how much I describe how crazy, insane, awesome, stupid, effing-cold it was.. you just really have to see for yourselves below. Enjoy!

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