Reading re-cap

From now on I’m going to start curating some of the top articles I’ve read throughout the week and post them here for you to read too if you haven’t already. Below are just a few of the posts that I may or may have not shared via my social media channels as I read them the passing week.

  • ABC of Usability – Great continuing post that has a collection of usability and user experience definitions. If you’re need to the industry or just want to keep abreast with some of the lingo and can’t explain the difference between Satisficing and a Persona then this is a great resource for you.
  • Good, fast, cheap. Pick three – This is a great slide deck accompanied by notes regarding the publishers 1st attempt at an agile project for a startup.
  • Hiring a designer: hunting the unicorn – If you’re looking to fill a design position in your startup/company this post will help you clearly define what & whom you’re actually looking for.
  • Christopher Hitchens, As I Knew Him – The author and journalist passed away today, and although I haven’t read even atleast half of his books, he was still a great man with a great mind and someone who loved to debate.
  • Fuck the Accolades. Seek the Criticism. – The title pretty much says it all. It’s a post, wrather than a question on Quora

If there are other articles that you think I should know about, please let me and others know.

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