Looking for A few good m.. eh.. people

Here at TripLingo, things are booming and we are in need of some serious help. So, if you are looking to intern for an AWESOME startup — look no further. We have an amazing team here that will help groom your experience in addition to some pretty awesome perks. Check out the infographic we made which illustrates why you need to intern for us  :)

And if you yourself aren’t looking for an internship but you know someone that is, or someone that could possibly benefit from the experience and training we’d love if you would pass along our info.

Thanks in advanced  :D

[big_button color=”blue” url=”http://vincentjordan.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/intern_infographic_alt.png” desc=”Join us & help accelerate your job opportunities!”] View Infographic [/big_button]


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