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I was given the honor for being apart of the Cloud Out Loud podcast seriers from Engine Yard. For a bit under 20 minutes Chris Tosswill and I discussed what TripLingo is and what I do there, why I love mobile development, my longstanding passion for data driven design, and the importance of understanding the user interface.  The underlining focus is around User Experience (UX) concepts within startups, and I believe it’s well worth a listen — biased opinion and all  :)

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Below is an outline & references of what we discussed. You can listen to the podcast on their website:


  • 0:30 – About TripLingo
  • 1:55 – Vince’s role at TripLingo
  • 3:28 – Metrics used in UX
  • 4:49 – A/B testing for the TripLingo mobile platform
  • 6:30 – Finding a balance between design and code
  • 7:32 – Business-agile: One step ahead, no more, no less
  • 9:21 – Life before TripLingo
  • 10:30 – UX for the web versus mobile UX
  • 11:37 – Why Vince loves mobile
  • 4:18 – Resources for those interested in UX
  • 17:05 – Understanding the user experience

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