Do you have filthy, disgusting hands?

I do.

Absolutely disgusting & filthy hands.

As an entrepreneur we need to have cat-like reflexes, being able to pivot and make quick decisions with the most minute information if any at all; We need to know everything — marketing, sales, design, development concepts, business finance…. everything.

Sure, you could take out $$$,$$$,$$$.$$ in loans to pay for a more traditional education in every single field possible that will help you make decisions. Or, you can just get your hands dirty and get to work.

When I was younger, my brother and I used to go to some of the houses and buildings my father worked on and help out. For each task my father would explain what we were to do while he simultaneously demonstrated the process, then tell us to get to it. Sure he could have gave us a more thorough explanation, walked through each step with us and guided us through the beginning. Nonetheless, he would always finish with “sometimes you just have to get your hands dirty and figure it out.”

As a father he was doing his duty, teaching us to be men. Simple lessons like this was let us know that everything isn’t going to be handed to us, and sometimes you have to figure it out on your own. You may waste some material at first, as it’s expected. But you will learn and get better. As a bonus you will also have a much stronger sense of accomplishment because of your intimate connection with the process.

Personal lessons like the aforementioned contributed to me becoming the person I am today. Taking this in mind, your first project/business doesn’t have to be your dream idea, but you should do something. One of the many things I keep repeating when I talk to people who want to follow their entrepreneurial dreams is to stop waiting for everything to be perfect. Just shut up and do it.

Before I heard the concept of MVP or the Lean Development idea, I followed similar principals because of my own lessons learned. Sure building a successful business is about smart planing, and mapping everything out. But if you’re a developer and you never actually done anything outside of your school projects yet you have ‘great ideas’ it doesn’t matter.

Sure I could have read about some of the many lessons learned from various people, but some lessons are things you don’t & won’t read about because individually they’re small and almost seemingly insignificant. However, ironically as a whole those tid-bits of information is the actual chemical makeup of ‘past knowledge’ that we carry as we continue to grow.

Regardless of your field. If your a designer, developer, business person or into social-media marketing there isn’t any reason to be sitting on your butt. The point is to do something. Almost anything is better than nothing.

It’s said that submersing yourself into a foreign culture is one of the best ways to learn a new language. Part of the reason is because when you are all in and feet-first it forces your sink our swim mentality and you easily learn as you go. Do that with an idea of yours. Go as far as you can. Dive in head first and grab books, sign up for meetups and get your hands dirty!

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