Introduction to Appcelerator Titanium

Everyone and their mother is looking to get into the Mobile space. It’s an almost ever expanding market right now that’s just ripe for the picking. Well not entirely. Anyhow, if you believe that you have a decent enough idea and would love to tap into the millions of people using an iPhone or an Android device you should start with Titanium.

Titanium is a framework that will allow you to build an application built entirely with JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS3. Even if you are familiar with Objective-C or Java, I (and many others too) have been using this framework instead. Using this can help increase your development 10x your normal speed.

However, if you don’t know any programing languages this won’t magically make an app for you. But, this will have the better learning curve. Trying to learn Objective-C, then X-code & Interface Builder for iOS apps cold make a sane person mad.

With that said, I hope you check it out & if you do let me know if I helped give that final push.
(also, there was a section that I showed a code demo. I basically just trimmed down the Kitchen Sink sample app & shown some TripLingo source code too)


If you have any questions &/or feedback I’d love to hear them. Ask them in the comments or send me an email.

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