TripLingo: Language learning with style

So, over the last couple months I have been overwhelmingly busy (as if that’s anything new) working on a new product that we just launched on May 5th! The app/company is called TripLingo, and the main purpose is to help people learn a particular, albeit customized, phrase list of a foreign language. One of the main separators from us & companies like Rosetta Stone is our Slang Slider™ that teaches you various different ways to say the same phrase ie. the Formal way, Casual, Slang & Crazy. We haven’t been building this in secret either, as we have posted plenty of updates ..  along ..  the way.

Jesse Maddox (@Onwardly) a great new friend, Co-Founder & CEO of the company has also created a post that talks about everyone on the team, and how amazing we all are!

I’m simply just overdue on creating a proper post.

There’s no question to all of our excitement to have actually deliver this product from start to finish in a few months; and a damn good product if i do say so myself! But whats also amazing is the overwhelming support from family, friends, colleagues in the industry & press. It seems that everyone is really happy with the results, and I’m excited to blow everyones minds over and over again with the future updates.

If you haven’t seen the app, above are some of the current (as we’ve gone through at-least 20 design changes) final UI screens.  I’d love to get some feedback from you guys! ( & of course, I’d love for you to buy the app as well).

Let us know what some of your thoughts are. Part of my main responsibility on the team is the UI & UX design for the app, so I would most definitely want/need to know what are some of your use case scenarios. When you’re using the app, and if you think something is off, please let me know. Or, if you would also just like to let us know that you love it you’re more than welcome to submit that feedback as well. I took a few different approaches with the concept, and am proud to say that it has a roughly 90% customized interface. This created a bit more work on our end, however I believe it creates an amazing feel which is paired with amazing visuals & rich data.

Bar none I am ecstatic about this team, this product & its future. So, go buy the app and have fun on your travels!

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