Just (shut up &) Do It

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When I talk to college students, or other people starting out into the technology industry, I tend to say the same thing over and over again. If you are a designer and you want to work for an awesome creative agency, you have a better chance with a portfolio filled with work and ideas, versus someone who has just ideas. If your goal is to one day become a sports announcer, then your chances would dramatically increase if you had a year or so of sports podcasting under your belt. The underlining theme here is, just do it!

The problems that people face today, are not the same a decade ago. There is information at your fingertips just waiting for you digest. It’s not like it was before Google, where if you had an esoteric idea/question  you were pretty much screwed. Now, there so many options it’s almost an insult when you don’t do anything. Between Google, Quora, Yahoo Answers, etc. fighting for your attention to let people help you, you are seriously an idiot to keep siting on your idea.

Personally, I don’t understand people who keep putting off their ideas, or even worse— their dreams. Is it important to you? Do you think it is going to be as great & wonderful as you’re proclaiming to others? If your answer is yes then why haven’t you taken the 1st step?

Being in the tech industry, I pretty frequently get asked to help out, or be-apart of an idea, however the only catch is, I have to do everything. You don’t have to be a developer or designer to get a foothold into the tech world. Andrew Warner, Satish Kanwar and Gary Vaynerchuck are great examples of people who aren’t technical people, but have not only found success, but documented it as well. If you are  honest, sincere, and provide due-diligence before you ask for someone to do work for you you should have no problem teaming up with people. However, it is such a slap in the face when someone has the audacity to ask me to do something “simple” for them, like build them a quick website, and yet they haven’t lifted their finger to do anything on their end.

There are plenty of examples of people making due without the best. A personal philosophy I believe in is about how innovation is created out of situations when you have less than what you need.  You don’t need the best website design, business cards, photography or any of that to become successful. Eric Ries champions the idea of a Lean Startup and producing a Minimum Viable Product. The concept is to get what you can out the door, out of your head and into the hands of your users.

My hope is that this has helped spark that fire that is already burning inside you. If it has, let me know, and if not let me know why. Maybe you’re still not inspired and my examples haven’t reached inside you.

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