How was your first time?

Be memorable

Everyone remembers their 1st time. Regardless if it’s a good or bad first-time, no one ever forgets. Everyone may have a myriad range of remembrance, however we can all agree that a first impression is precious and we use this to try and make smart and fast decisions. Based on our first impressions we will then scan our brains and match-up seemingly correlating issues and situations that match this first-time. Its not wrong, it’s only human, and we do this to save ourselves from making the same mistakes over again.

When building a company you should have the same thought process. Many of us already tend to joke by metaphorically giving our businesses anthropomorphic attributes. Many times businesses are referred to as someones ‘baby’ – and growing from it’s various stages; crawling, walking and then running head first into profits.

Needless to say, people already tend to humanize their business – or idea. However, this concept should be on the front-end as well. When working with your idea and business, it should be thought of in the same vein as a real human-human relationship.

Be an extraordinary storyteller

When you’re first courting someone, or vice-versa, first dates are all about story telling. Telling stories is what captivates people and being able to share new experiences creates stronger bonds. Many people make the mistake of just wanting to just ‘put something up’ online. Why? Your website will be the very first thing many people will see. Why would you want something that hasn’t received a majority of your attention to represent you?

Now I’m not saying that you need to spend $500,000 getting the perfect website designed and developed. Instead, what I am saying is that you should be putting in the needed time and energy in thinking about the copy ( website text ) and layout. You may-not have the experience of a copyrighter, or user-experience designer, but it will be better than just haphazardly putting up content.

Again, like a 1st date you want to understand the difference between what is being said versus what feels right.
Lets say you have decided to allow users to use your product for 30 days for a free trial. That very 1st screen they see after signing up could repeat that they have 30 days left and afterwards they would need to purchase for full use; or, you could put the attention on the fact that they haven’t even started using the product yet and give them a friendly push to continue and heed them in the right direction. There isn’t a need to remind users about decisions they’re not ready to make, so why become that pushy salesman that everyone hates – including you?

Hare are a few great examples to keep in mind while building your relationships with your consumers for your business:

Look Sharp

1st impressions is the most important thing when dating someone. You wouldn’t pick your nose on a 1st date, but after a 10yr marriage, it might be forgiven.

You should keep this in mind when thinking about your relationships with your users. Everyone likes to focus on coming soon & landing pages; but what about your error page. That 1st email they get. Every possible 1st interaction needs to be meticulously thought out.

Simple > Complex

When thinking of the experience, think of Fisher Price. It’s unimaginably easy. Sure your application, business, or whatever may & should be 1000x more complex, but the user shouldn’t have to pay that burden by knowing that. The experience should be so easy and thoughtless for them that it creates that bubble of separation of reality. Most of those ‘simple’ functions & processes on the web are the most complex things to actually build – but to a user it is a no brainier; and often they ask “why wasn’t this built sooner?”

Users shouldn’t be thinking how complicated & awesome your developers are. They should just be saying it’s easy to use, and mean it.

Be Yourself

You came up with your idea because you believe it’s better & different than everyone else’s right. So don’t try to be them, and don’t worry yourself with being something your not. Being genuine goes a long way with people. An example would be excessive use of stock photos to look ‘professional’. Stock photos are great, but why not check to see what local photographers in your area charge? I bet you’ll be surprised, and it’ll add a nice personable touch to your web-presence.


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