Awesome free children’s e-book: Tom the tortoise

My negative is your positive

Unfortunately I just really don’t have the time to fully commit to finishing this awesome and fun interactive children’s ebook/ iPad app. I thought I could at-least share with you all (free, but for a tweet) what I currently have and see how you all like it.

I personally don’t have any children yet, however I am an uncle and I wanted to try and contribute to their lives and give them something in a way that I new best. Technology.

If you don’t have a twitter account, it’s ok; Get in touch & I will send a copy your way  :)

100% original artwork & story

My hope is that you and your child will get lost into the rich illustrations that I have created for this narrative. My plan, (once I reclaim some time) is to then make the tale interactive for all iOS devices by having features like voice recordings, touch to hear sounds & learning words.

I would love to get your feedback, positive & negative, so that when I am ready to release the product it’s the best it can be.

Sample Pages

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