Benifets of a CMS (Content Management System)

Many people & companies are becoming increasingly more aware of the great benefits of having a strong Content Management System (CMS) solution behind their web presence; however, I am surprised at how many people are vaguely aware of what a CMS is, but isn’t exactly sure of its full advantage. More-specifically, when people see the difference in the price between a great CMS solution behind their website development project versus a static website.

Depending on your needs, the available solutions will scale. If you’re a small business owner you wouldn’t need a full enterprise level CMS. Your efficiency on the web requires that your needs be met in the most concise & best-fit manor as possible.

Below is a quick list of points that illustrate the value of implementing a content management system for your business or online presence.

Access from anywhere

[list type=”blue”] [li]Content editors can revise their content on the site from any computer with an internet connection. Editing anywhere, anytime helps to remove bottlenecks[/li] [/list]

Designed for both non-technical & technical users

[list type=”blue”] [li]No HTML/CSS or any other web-language knowledge is needed. Anyone with an uderstanding of a word processing application can create & revise content easily[/li] [/list]

Configurable access restrictions

[list type=”blue”] [li]Users can be assigned roles & permissions that prevent them from editing content which they are not authorized to change[/li] [/list]

Consistency of design is preserved

[list type=”blue”] [li]Because content is stored separate from design, the content from all authors is presented with the same, consistent design[/li] [/list]

Navigation is automatically generated and adjusted

[list type=”blue”] [li]Menus areĀ  generated automatically thus adding the ability for authors to easily add additional pages & content as their need grows[/li] [/list]

Content is stored in a database

[list type=”blue”] [li]Central storage means that content can be reused in many places on the website & re.formatted for any device which include easy mobile & tablet platform implementation.[/li] [/list]

Dynamic content

[list type=”blue”] [li]Extensions like forums, polls, e-commerce solutions, searching, news management are modules &/or widgets that are easy to implement & help extend your website [/li] [/list]


[list type=”blue”] [li]Encourages faster updates because a specialist isn’t needed. In addition it adds accountability for authored content by keeping logs of who added what & when[/li] [/list]

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