The Go-Getter: Book Review

I believe whole heartily that if you’re planning on doing anything in life, you need to do it at full force. Passion is what drives most entrepreneurs, especially when there aren’t any profits for a couple+ years. So regardless if your working for someone else still, you need to make sure you always keep your fire burning and have that go-getter attitude.

The Go-Getter is an exceedingly inspirational story about a man that has a ‘never say die’ outlook. Given numerous chances to fail, purposely, Bill Peck goes far above what his employers asked & expected. In this powerful yet energizing story I believe you’ll get lifted to make sure to that extra 5%, even if you are giving your all already.

The book itself is insanely short, so if you have a few hours to kill this is a great book for everyone. Regardless of your job, title, status, anything. Read this book, you’ll be glad you did.

I give it 5/5 stars

  • “How could I reject a man who simply would not be rejected?” – pg 22
  • William E. Peck business card – pg 25
  • “I’ve been trained to deliver on my promises, even when they seem utterly foolish to me in hindsight; I’ve been trained to satisfy them” – pg 54-55

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