Product Strategist, Thought Leader, Husband & Awesome Dad*

About ME

UX Leader @HomeDepot, past UX Instructor at @GA, an avid member of the tech community, & proud papa of two offsprings!
Developing amazing things with passion since 1999

In a nutshell, I'm a digital media professional who has worked in the tech industry for over a decade and specializes in crafting great user experiences, analyzing patterns and constantly fine-tuning to make good ideas better.

Since the early 2000’s I’ve been hacking on Digital Products and have been a strong technology advocate since I developed my 1st super awesome and important AOL hack-app in ’99.

When I’m not pushing pixels, I love to hangout with my beautiful wife, and our sweet little girl. In addition to them, I seriously enjoy being in any ocean or lake, and hate that my wake-board is collecting dust since I left Florida — however, I do attempt to make up for it via other adrenaline pumping activities.

Because I genuinely love what I do, I’m very particular about what company & projects I work on…. so there’s that. Overall though, I’m just a lucky guy, working with amazing people attempting to change the world one pixel at a time.

  • Ability to Execute

    Track record of implementing Mobile & SaaS applications

  • Creative Direction

    7+ years experience as strategy and design lead

  • Team Management

    All via military, agencies, startups, and SaaS companies

  • Thought Leadership

    Domestic and international speaking engagements

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